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Episode 13 - The Jonas W. Interview

Jonas is BY FAR one of the most aviation enthusiasts I have ever met. His love for the craft is pure and authentic, and I am yet to meet another individual who receives as much joy from the industry as him. In this interview, Jonas talks about discovering his passion for aviation, his journey throughout flight training, an infamous (but awesome and extremely effective) instructor whom we shared for our Commercial Multi-Engine course, and his internship with the "Pilot Source Study". This study that Jonas had the opportunity to be a part of is huge for young up and coming pilots, as they studies thousands of applicants that were ultimately offered jobs at regional airlines and the details of their backgrounds that allowed them to acheive this milestone. What;s the best way to get to the airlines? Military? 141? ATP? ERAU? Find out here!

Mentioned in this Episode:

Pilot Source Study https://www.pilotsourcestudy.org/

Aerial America https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sk4chbBXD1A

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