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  • Grant

Episode 5 - Grant's "First Solo" Broadcast

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

In this episode, Grant tackles a variety of topics for his first solo endeavor.

-One of the most commonly asked questions amongst new student pilots is "Should I train at a Part 141 flight school or a Part 61 flight school?" In this episode, Grant explains the common misconceptions regarding this debate. In addition, Grant outlines the pros, cons, and reasoning behind both types of curricula (00:00-13:00)

-Grant's TOP FIVE TIPS for PROFESSIONALISM (13:15-20:50)

1. Get a haircut

2. Wear clothes that fit

3. Engage and network with your peers

4. SHOW UP ON TIME (on time=early)

5. Be kind

-If your'e a pilot, you need to be following the 21FIVE Show. All pilots need to listen to Episode 11 before it's too late...

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